School Inside, School Outside

STAFF: Well Trained qualified teachers cultivate the young minds with a curriculum of stress free learning.

EDUCATIONAL COUNSELLNG:  Every child is special for us we try to bring out in –born abilities in the child. Educational Counseling is provided  to channelize every child into discovering his/her strength.

CELEBRATION OF FESTIVALS: To keep Indian culture & traditional alive we at JSPM celebrate each &every festival to make our future generation aware of our rich culture.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS/EXCURSIONS:  Picnic, outing, studies trips and educational tours are organized for the benefit of students.

YOGA AND MEDIATION: To increase the concentration and keep the body, mind and soul in prefect health, there is regular practice of yoga, pranayam and mediation.

PLAYGROUND:  More than one acre of play area for student.  

COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS: keeping in mind today’s competitive world, the school gives an opportunity to student to participates in various competitive exams, so that they are successful and leave their imprint on every one’s mind and thought.

SCHOOL TO COMMUNITY AND COMMUNICITY TO SCHOOL:  Our success would not have been possible without parent’s support. Thus school promotes many such events where we can communicate directly with the parents . Value Education is imparted to student so that they become good citizens.

LABORATORIES:  Well equipped math lab, physic lab, biology lab, chemistry lab, language lab and social studies lab, computer lab.  History and Geography teaching aids enable the student for extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom.

MUSIC ROOM:  As we known music fills joy in every hearts, “School  has provided professionals to teach music and instrumental liked synthesizer, table ,etc to give the children hands on experience of these instruments.

LIBRARY:  Well stocked library meticulously arranged  with selected books on variety of subjects. Separate Digital Libraries with a Collection of interactive DVD’s , CD-ROMs and books on a Variety of subject for the extensive use both by teachers and student for primary & secondary section. The instructional methods and educational patterns encourages the use of library among the students.

SPORTS AMENITIES:  “All works and on play, makes jack a dull bay.” Believing in this, School Provides special instructors to edify and guidance the student  in various sports events like athletics, badmintons, throw ball Table Tennis, Carom, Chess & some of the indoor & indoor & outdoor game for the enjoyments and recreation of students.

TRANSPORTATION FACILITY: School buses owned by us play a vital role.

HEALTH CHECK UP: Regular medical checkup is taken in the school by a panel of doctors .

SICK BAY : Sick bay is available for student and teachers for immediately care.

CURRICULUM:  subject range from science, math, social, science, computer, Environmental studies and in language English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi &SUPW, Life skill, Physical Education and Personality Development.

CO-CURRICULAR ACITIVITY : Different clubs like math, & Science are introduces to improve their skill and enhanced the knowledge in the concerned areas.

  • Environment clubs keep students busy with activities like “ Tree Plantation Week”, “No Plastic Week “ where in all student take part.
  • Adventure club is very activity in the school, which strengthen the student and them challenging.
  • Literature clubs to enhanced the literary and communication skill of the students.
  • Visit to special places like museums, old-age homes, special school, Religious center, Small Scale indusjustifytries are conducted by the school.
  • School has introduced scout and guide and road Safety Programmes for students.